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Welcome to michaels Media School!

With more than 25,000 students taught in michaels Media School, our team of instructors are experienced, highly competent teachers, helping everyday people capture extraordinary pictures.Choose from a wide range of courses from hands-on compact, DSLR and video camera instruction to photographic tours to software courses, or set your own agenda with one-on-one tuition. To complement our in-depth courses, ourFREE Lunchtime Seminarsoffer an excellent way to prepare in advance, or afterwards to refresh your knowledge.

Take a class today and see immediate improvements in your own photography.

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Camera Classes-Compact Cameras & Voucher Redeem

Camera Classes-All SLR Cameras & Voucher Redeem

Camera Workshops- Wildlife/Flash/Food/ Macro/Portrait/Landscape

Full Day Classes-Canon SLR Cameras

Full Day Classes-Nikon SLR Cameras

Full Day Classes-Olympus SLR Cameras

iPhone Photography

Melbourne Photo Walks City/Night/Zoo/Garden

One to One Training

Software Courses Lightroom/Elements Premiere/CS6 & Restoring Family History

The Night Sky Photography Workshops

Training Corporate

Upcoming Events

Video Camera Courses & Voucher Redeem
A complete listing of all our courses:
Compact Camera Complete
01.Introduction to Digital SLRs 1 (Half Day Class)
Introduction to Nikon Digital SLRs -Pt 2 Intermediate Day Workshop
03.Introduction to Digital SLRs 2 (Intermediate)-(Half Day Class)
02.Introduction to Digital SLRs 1 - Day Workshop
Introduction to Canon Digital SLRs - Day Workshop
Introduction to Video with a Digital SLR
Introduction to Olympus Digital SLRs - Day Workshop
Introduction to Nikon Digital SLRs - Day Workshop
Introduction to Canon Digital SLRs Pt 2 Intermediate Day Workshop
Introduction to Olympus Digital SLRs - Pt 2 Intermediate Day Workshop
Introduction to Portraiture and Child Photography
Introduction to Macro Photography
Introduction to Food Photography
Introduction to Landscape/ Garden Photography (Michaels Melbourne Walkabout 2)
Introduction to Wildlife/Nature Photography (michaels Melbourne Walkabout 3)
Introduction to Flash Photography
Introduction to Canon Digital SLRs - Day Workshop
Introduction to Canon Digital SLRs Pt 2 Intermediate Day Workshop
Introduction to Nikon Digital SLRs - Day Workshop
Introduction to Nikon Digital SLRs -Pt 2 Intermediate Day Workshop
Introduction to Olympus Digital SLRs - Day Workshop
Introduction to Olympus Digital SLRs - Pt 2 Intermediate Day Workshop
Creative iPhoneography
michaels Day Melbourne Walkabout 2 Landscapes and Gardens
michaels Night Melbourne Walkabout
michaels Day Melbourne Walkabout
michaels Day Melbourne Walkabout 3 Melbourne Zoo
One to One training
Adobe Lightroom Part 1 An Introduction
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements
Restoring your Family's History/Scanning Old Images
Introduction to Adobe Premiere Elements
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS4-CS6
Adobe Lightroom Part 2-Intermediate
Night Sky Photography Workshop @ michaels
Night Sky Photography Weekend
Corporate Training
Introduction to Video Cameras
Introduction to Video Editing
Video Recording with a Digital SLR
Go-Pro Cameras an Introduction


What Our Students Say:

"LOVED IT! Alwyn made it fun, answered my (no doubt annoying!)questions before moving on. Explained clearly, was understandable &so excited now to play with what I can do."
Ms Tracie W - Prahran

"We thought it was a terrific course. Very energising & motivating.We loved the fact that we could both come to use our new camera &the second person come for $49. This way we could both use it whenwe travel & no-one has a monopoly on the camera. (We came back toMichaels because we bought our first video camera in 2000 and attendedan introductory video course. It's a long time between courses but wefound good price and fantastic service at the time: we have remembered)."
Mr & Mrs B - Burwood

"Loved it. Didn't undermine. Didn't go through silly things/settings.Was quick & effective. Makes me want to do more."
Ms. Victoria Q - Carlton North

"Excellent. Alwyn was clear, prepared, a joy. Skipped Part 1 and worrieda little about being behind, but Alwyn explained so clearly I was righton top of things. Still may go back and do Part 1 because because Ienjoyed Part 2 - memory refreshment never hurts!"
Ms. Carrie C - Northcote

"I enjoyed it! It helped to clarify functions on the camera."
Ms. Teresa G - Glenhuntly

"I really enjoyed it and it has opened up a whole new world to me.I am new & very keen to begin taking photos trying all the new settingsI have learned."
Ms Rebecca B. - Prahran

"I enjoyed it, it mainly confirmed a lot of what I already knew\- but did give me a few hints on using some of the "scene" settingsmore appropriately."
Ms Judy V - Delacomb

"Enjoyed - have learned a lot - maybe should have been before buying camera."
Mr Ken A - Macleod

"Course was quite informative! Covered pretty much everything a beginner wouldneed to know for a DSLR!"
Ms Sarah H - East Kew

"Structured, informative relevant course. Benefit to the beginner. It has createda strong interest of using SLR cameras. A very experienced trainer."
Ms Jean T - Point Cook

"Gave a wonderful introduction to SLR and lots of advice as to how to usemy camera better."
Mr Bill P - Albert Park

"It was outstanding. Very simple now. Was confused before I came."
Mr Tony W - Melbourne

"It was great, it will be great to get off the automatic setting!!"
Ms. Heidi W - Mont Albert North

"Exactly what I was after. Covered all the bases."
Mr Grant M - Northcote

"Great, can't wait to test out new knowledge & ideas."
Mr & Mrs C. Watsonia

"Brilliant. Definitely provided me with a broader viewof my camera & food for thought about the way I can use it."
Ms Debra M - Port Melbourne

"Very useful! Practical information for making good use of camera.I can see how to fix some of my mistakes! Easy to follow & listen to."
Ms Georgia S - Belmont

"Very useful - very happy with this course, excellent presentation, enthusiastic\& passionate, informative but not overly technical"
Mr John M - Northcote

"Very interesting, very thorough, lots of information provided.We are very surprised about the high level of this course, congratulations,that was impressive - thank you!"
Mr Alan T & Mr Les P

"I REALLY liked it. The instructor was just great, nice, funny, patient.The course is thorough & organised."
Ms. Dominique D. - Port Melbourne

"Very helpful. Lively, informative. Answered a lot of questions in illustrativeways - good teaching."
Ms Jenny S - Fitzroy

"Very good. Simply presented with excellent examples and answered questionsfully. Personal assistance and interaction excellent."
Ms Mary T. - Elwood

"Fantastic. Learned heaps. Wish I had done this 3 months ago."
Mr Greg O - Moonee Ponds

"Fantastic. I didn't know 90% of what my camera could do, now I know a lot more."
Mr Cameron M - Macleod

"Loved it. I will be more confident with using my camera. Also, I will get more use from it."
Ms Fiona F - Yarraville

"Most helpful for me. Panning + the hand! Exposure/exp lock. Diff WB settings & custom WB.Diff focus modes & when to use them."
Ms Amanda S - Brunswick