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Understanding Your New Compact Camera

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Average class size: 14 people

This comprehensive course is designed for new compact digital camera users. Over three hours we will show you how to use uncomplicated photographic techniques to take great photographs with your compact camera.

In this course we will teach you in simple terms about how your camera works, covering topics such as resolution, exposure, focus, scene modes, zoom, flash, light, composition and much more!

The course includes:

        ·        How your camera works
·        Resolution and compression
·        Focus and using focus lock
·        Exposure and using exposure lock
·        Using your camera's scene modes
·        Using your camera's zoom - zoom and perspective
·        Using Flash - Flash and red-eye
·        Other Flash Controls
·        Problems with light and how to use light
·        Working in low light
·        Composition
·        Making Movies with a Compact Camera
·        Saving your images to disc or hard disk

Course instructor Alwyn Hanson