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Speedlite Flash Photography


Average class size: 8 people

Flash is unquestionably the most useful artificial light source for photography and this workshop aims to empower you with the tools and knowledge to use it to its full potential. Brilliant and instantaneous, on-camera flash makes possible many images that could not have been captured any other way. 


This workshop will be both theorietical and practical and will focus on on-camera flash, i.e. speedlights.


You will learn:

- Use of flash in all lighting conditions

- Types of light (hard and soft)

- TTL & manual metering modes

- Sync speeds

- Creative use of speedights

- Evaluating ambient light and balancing flash with ambient 


This workshop is perfect for people who already own a speedlight and want to gain confidence and as well as those who are curious and are considering adding a speedlight to their camera kit.