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Understanding Your New Camera - Basic

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Average class size: 16 people

Would you like to master your new camera without reading the instruction manual? This class will help you understand the fundamentals of using your DSLR or mirrorless camera, including exposure, aperture and shutter speeds, ISO, focus controls, flash, RAW, composition and more.

This class is perfect for those new to photography, or those seeking to revise on essential knowledge. 

On completion of this course you will understand:

  •        How your camera works
  •        Focus and focus lock
  •        Exposure and exposure lock
  •        Aperture and how it affects our images
  •        How to use the aperture priority setting
  •        Shutter speed and how it affects your images
  •        How to use the shutter priority setting
  •        ISO and how it is used in low light and sports photography
  •        When to use flash and how to avoid red-eye and other flash-related problems
  •        Working with light and dealing with problems you might encounter
  •        RAW files (introduction)
  •        UV and Polarising Filters
  •        Composition


What our students are saying about 'Understanding Your New Camera' —

 "As I doctor I have attended over a thousand lectures in my time. Chris was outstanding, I honestly think he was the best lecturer, taking into account a preparation email, course printed notes, personal interaction with students, course context, knowledge of multiple cameras and clear communication and engaging manner – he is one of the best lecturers I have encountered. Thank you Chris."

"The instructor was excellent! He made the presentation interesting by including his own photos and experiences. He was very approachable, helpful, easy to understand and made me want to do another course."

"The instructor was very helpful, friendly and easy to talk to. He explained things in simple terminology that everyone understood and was very patient with answering all our questions." 


Understanding Your New Camera - Complete 

For the complete experience, we recommend considering our full-day course which is the same as the basic class but with the addition of a practical session, to help you put theory into practise and allow you to walk away feeling fully empowered and enabled with your new photography skills. For more information or to book the full-day course, please see Understanding Your New Camera - Complete.


*If you have purchased your camera from michaels, and have received a $149 voucher, you can use this voucher towards the 'Understanding Your New Camera - Complete' course. You will be prompted for payment in order to upgrade at checkout. 


 The school can be contacted on 03 9672 2309 or school@michaels.com.au.