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Black and White Film Photography Workshop


Average class size: 10 people

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This workshop will give you the skills to confidently shoot manually on a 35mm film camera, processing your film using traditional black and white chemicals. Explore this wonderful creative process, from composing the image in the viewfinder to developing your film by hand.

The workshop will commence with a short presentation introducing you to analogue photography and processing techniques. We will then take you on a photographic walk, circulating the local Melbourne CBD. Our workshop leaders will guide you, answering any questions you may have about camera functions and exposure. You will be supplied with a Pentax K1000 camera for the duration of the workshop.


Upon completion of this course you will understand:

  • Shooting on an analogue film camera and the camera's functions
  • Processing film by hand using black and white chemistry
  • Different results that can be acheived when tweaking chemistry, offering an appreciation of the nuances of black and white photography.

You will walk away with your developed negatives and an understanding of how achieve creative control of your analogue photography. We will provide you with a workshop guide so that you can continue with your new film processing skills at home, plus a 10% discount on any black and white film processing equipment and chemistry you purchase on the day!