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Video Cameras - An Introduction


Average class size: 14 people

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Please note the class is currently being changed to allow for recent devolpments in video cameras. The class will re-launch in early 2018.

New to digital videography?

Learn about the controls on your camcorder, and how to achieve great footage. In this course you will learn: video formats, manual vs automatic focusing, when and how to use zoom, useful video accessories, tips for lighting and composition, audio recording and how to shoot with a final movie in mind. You will also be introduced to the basic principles of video editing video on a computer.

Course outline:

  • Getting started
  • Video formats and file types
  • The fundamental concepts of video recording
  • Understanding the camera controls
  • Exposure modes
  • Focusing - manual and automatic
  • When and how to use zoom
  • White balance
  • Useful video accessories
  • Techniques for shooting a great home movie
  • How to look after your camera & accessories
  • An introduction to video editing 

This course is suitable for tape, DVD, hard drive and memory card based camcorders.


This class is currently being reformatted.

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