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Adobe Lightroom - An Introduction

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Average class size: 4 people

Our Adobe Lightroom course will teach you about digital photography workflow, demonstrating how to set up your photo library and manage your photo collection with ease. Our experienced tutor will provide you with the skills you need to start editing RAW files - the key to taking your photography to the next level. Learn how to perfect your shots with advanced controls for tone, contrast, colour, perspective and more. Efficiently organise tens of thousands of pictures – search, sort, categorise and select groups for polishing.  Export sets of unlimited size to share online, in print or almost anywhere.

The class is ideal for photographers of all levels who are yet to settle on a digital workflow, are finding their volume of photos increasing but have no way to manage them, wish to post-process their pictures with powerful tools or just apply some finishing touches.


This four hour course is separated into three sections.

Foundation: RAW files, Catalogs, Setting up a Library, Importing, Backing Up, Lightroom Workspace.

Library Module: Grid and Loupe view, Navigator and Zoom, Photo Sources, Survey View, tagging with Flags/Stars/Colours, Filters, Collections, Exporting.

Develop Module: Presets, History and Snapshots, understanding Histograms, Tone Control, White Balance, Batch Editing, Crop/Straighten, Graduated and Radial Filter, HSL toolbar and Black & White, Integrating with Photoshop.


The class will explain features of the most recent Lightroom CC / version 6, while remaining applicable to earlier versions that students may have.  

Laptops are provided for use in the class. These are preloaded with the images students will work with during the lesson.