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Adobe Photoshop Elements - An Introduction


Average class size: 4 people

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This hands-on course is designed for the digital photographer who wishes to delve into the world of photo editing using the affordable and user friendly Adobe Photoshop Elements software. You’ll learn efficient ways to edit, enhance, and maximize your photographs to their full potential. 

The course will cover the use of adjustment and retouching tools, demystify Photoshop essentials such as selections, layers and masks and will show you why they are so useful. The experience will allow you to turn good photos you already have into stunning photographs that you can be proud of!  

Over the day we will cover the following

Overview of the program

  • Setting the software to work for you
  • Importing images from your camera or computer

The Tools Menu 1

  • The different editing screens (Guided Vs Expert)
  • Fixing common problems
  • Fixing Red Eye
  • Fixing skin blemishes
  • Enhancing Faces
  • Straightening Horizons
  • Cropping images
  • Converting to Black and White

 The Tools Menu 2

  • Adding and removing objects (Photoshoping!)
  • Understanding Layers and how they work
  • Masks and adjustment layers-what do they mean and do
  • Light adjustments
  • Colour adjustments
  • Working with RAW Files

 Plus The Cool Stuff

  • Making and creating Slides Shows
  • Photomerging (Adding people to images that weren’t there!)
  • Making Panoramas 

Plus many more control and tools 

Previous experience using a computer is a prerequisite for this course

Laptops are provided for use in the class.

These are preloaded with the images the students will work with during the lesson. 

You will also have the ability to take the images used home to practice in your own time